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Downton Community Pre-School

Established in 1980, Downton Community Pre-School is a thriving group catering for pre-school children in Downton, Wiltshire.

We strive to offer a caring, safe and stimulating environment in which your child may grow and learn through play. The Pre-School is a non-profit making charity run by a parent management committee whose aim is to be responsive to the needs of our local community. See our aims.

Our staff are trained, experienced and committed to supporting, encouraging and inspiring all the children in our care so, if you think they’ll like... cutting, sticking,chatting, painting, printing, dressing up, model making, building, counting, singing, running, dancing, drawing, looking at books, climbing, throwing, catching, clapping, laughing, playing and making friends then come and see us soon!

"Children learn to manage their feelings, behave well and think of others. They develop independence in managing their personal hygiene and putting on coats, develop important practices to keep themselves healthy and they help with some routines.  Staff extend children's vocabulary and encourage physical skills."
"Children arrive happy and settle quickly to the activities. Children have strong relationships with their key person. "
Ofsted Early Years Inspection Report 2017

Letter regarding Ofsted Early Years Inspection Report

Ofsted Early Years Inspection Report January 2017

What our parents say about us:

"I like the way my child gets to mix and socialise with local children"

"Brilliant transition into school- Good links with the school and village"

"Great team with a wonderful atmosphere at the pre-school"

"Kind staff"
"I love that my child always seems so happy after a session at pre-school"
"Friendly environment with social interaction between children and adults" 
"Interaction between staff and children is great"
"The friendliness of staff"
"I love reading my child's learning journey"
"100% perfect, I find out everything I need to know about my child's progress"
"I love the little personal touches that they do - Christmas cards, Mother's and Father's day cards - it always brings a smile to my face"

All About Us

All About Downton Pre-School

The Pre-School is a non-profit making charity run by a parent management committee which aims to be responsive to the needs of our local community.


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A Typical Day

A wide range of activities and resources to help the children learn and develop.


The key aim of our preschool is that all children are supported in developing...

Meet The Staff

Our staff are made up of one pre-school leader and three permanent staff.

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Here you can view a selection of images from a typical day at pre-school.